C A L E N D A R   1999


Her Domain of Austin's November Meeting

November Meeting minutes

Topic:     Recruiters, what they do and how they help
When:     Monday November 22nd 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Where:    La Madeleine, Wine Room
                3418 N. Lamar Blvd. 302-1485

Reservations are under HerDomain & Minnie Rangel so if you are not sure where the wine room is, you can tell them and they will direct you to us...

Graduation is coming for some of us....others are thinking of making a career switch...still others are actively searching for a job...

Come learn with us as our Recruiter Friends tell us what they do and how they can help us find a career and/or a job. There will also be a section on Resume and Interview Tips.

Bring:   Yourself, and a Friend and a dollar or two to help out with costs

La Madeleine charges $50 for the room unless you guarantee everyone will eat...since I couldn't do that I had to opt for the $50 charge...if people who do eat will give me their receipts I will try to get them to lower/cancel the charge...and whatever money we get will go into the HerDomain fund...but I am not sure if they will go for it...

RSVP:   Minnie Rangel

Her Domain of Austin's October Meeting

Topic:    Business Meeting and Social
When:    Monday October 25th 7:00 - 9:00
Where:   La Madeleine, Wine Room
              3418 N. Lamar Blvd. 302-1485

Come meet with other Herdomain members and find out what the group is up too! We'll be discussing future events, SXSW 2000, and plans for Herdomain opportunities in the next year.

RSVP:   Donna K. Kidwell
             ICQ 18007076 Austin, TX

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WebAustin Conference
Note from Smartgrrls!
Hi! We're participating in great a Web conference Oct 26-29th, called WebAustin. They are offering a 20% discount to all Her Domainers.

For info:  WebAustin Homepage

Her Domain of Austin's September Meeting

Topic: Stock Options as Part of Your Compensation
Speaker: Sallyanne Ofner
When: Monday September 27th 7:00 - 9:00
Where: Twin Oaks Library

Come discuss everything you'ld like to know about stock options and your compensation!

Sallyanne Ofner, Managing Director of INIX Associates, has been an active consultant in investment banking and marketing and general management consulting since 1987 when the firm began to offer such services. Before entering the consulting practice, she had more than 20 years' successful experience in sales, sales management, marketing and marketing management in the industrial instrumentation and controls field. Ms Ofner holds a BSEE degree from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA, with concentrations in finance and marketing, from Temple University.

If anyone would like to view her presentation which is meant to be a primer in the understanding the value of options or stock grants as a part of an employee compensation plan, a copy of it in Powerpoint is located at http://www.inix-associates.com/herdomain. The file is called Equity Presentation.ppt and is about 244K in length.

RSVP:   Donna K. Kidwell
             ICQ 18007076 Austin, TX

Her Domain of Austin's May Mixer

Topic:  One Free Drink and Simple Socializing!
When:  Monday May 24th 5:30 - 7:30
Where:   Sardine Rouge, a New Orleans style bar/restaurant that has taken over Sfuzzi's old location at 6th & Guadalupe.

We've been invited to a new restaurant in town....the Sardine Rouge!
Come join us for a free drink and lively conversation. We'll be taking the summer off, so come out and visit!

PLEASE RSVP before Thursday the 20th so they have an accurate head count!

Bring:   Yourself, and a Friend

RSVP:   Donna K. Kidwell
             ICQ 18007076 Austin, TX

Her Domain of Austin's April Meeting:

Topic:   Y2K!
When:   April 26th 7:00 - 8:30
Where:   Twin Oaks Library, corner of S. Congress and Oltorf
               behind Rosie's Tamales

Speaker:   James S. Huggins

James speaks internationally of Y2K, eCommerce, and technology. He spoke to us last year...a wonderfully humorous and informative discussion of Y2K. Come see how far we've come, and how far we have to go!

To find out more about James, check out his site

Bring:   Yourself, and your questions about Y2K.

RSVP:   Donna K. Kidwell
             ICQ 18007076 Austin, TX

Don't forget our special March meeting on Monday, March 22 at the Twin Oaks Library.

We will have a special presentation by Robert Williams, a self defense expert, who has come highly recommended to us by Rosemary Sheffield (a list member).

Robert will discuss personal safety as well as issues like bullies in the workplace.

If you plan to attend, please consider bringing a small cash donation for Robert. (We suggest $5.)

Robert does this work because he believes in it and since we are not a dues collecting organization, we cannot offer a stipend, so are looking to you all to help Her Domain show Robert our collective appreciation.

Here are the details of the meeting:

Where: Twin Oaks Library (northeast corner of S. Congress and Oltorf, behind Rosie's Tamale House)
When: Monday, March 22, 1999 Program begins at 7 pm sharp!
Bring: a friend, your mother, sister or daughter

RSVP to Michele Bondy, please.


HerDomain participates in SXSW

When: March 14-16
HerDomain will have a booth (#104) at the SXSW tradeshow for the second year.

HerDomain will also be co-hosting a Mixer with Reel Women.

Date: Monday, March 15th
Time: 6:00-8:30 PM
Place: Club deVille, 900 Red River

There will be music: our own Bethany Miller opens the show, and Buttah-Fly will funk you into the evening! Count on munchie food and wacky drink specials to keep you fed and watered!

Hope to see you there!

Food is provided by the following:

fadó irish pubFadó Irish Pub brings the finest in Irish food, drink, music, and great times to Austin. The pub was built and shipped from Ireland and our menu reflects the fresh and bountiful countryside of Ireland.

"The soul of Ireland in the heart of Texas"

Open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:15 am to 2:00 am


Gilligan'sGilligan's is a new world cuisine-style restaurant in the downtown Austin Warehouse District featuring Mesquite-grilled fresh fish, and meats, a 200-label wine list and live music 6 nights a week.


"Technology and full time and contract staffing solutions for companies that are building great companies."


The February Meeting is being held in conjunction with and hosted by the Marcom SIG group BIG thanks to Mimi and Laura

Time: 7:00-8:00 p.m., Monday, February 22.

Place: Meeting Room 2, the Carver Branch of the Austin Public Library, Angelina at Rosewood, East Austin near downtown. Ample parking available.

Directions from downtown Austin: Take 11th St. east of I-35 about one-half mile to the first stop light. The road forks three ways at the light -- follow the center fork onto Rosewood, then follow Rosewood to Angelina, the second street on the left. The Carver Library is on the SE corner of the intersection. When you spot a vivid mural on a giant wall, you're there.

For directions from other points, please call the library at 472-8954.

"Why can't a woman be more like a man?" asks alpha male Henry Higgins in the musical, "My Fair Lady."

More to the point, must an ambitious professional woman try to be more like a man to succeed? Or does she bring a unique set of talents to her career?

Marketing management consultant Laura Ricci will consider these questions -- and provide some answers grounded in workplace realities -- in a special mini-seminar for HD members called Grrl Power, How It Can Get You...And Get Your Career Moving, scheduled for Monday evening, Feb. 22.

Every woman in the Her Domain network is welcome to attend the seminar, hosted by the HD Marketing Communications SIG. And the Grrl Power seminar is free of charge.

Why attend the Grrl Power seminar?

HD member Laura Ricci has been inventing solutions as a marketing manager for the last 20 years. As principal of R3, she is a marketing mentor for organizations, builds business-to-business campaigns for high technology companies, and trains engineers, scientists and others to successfully market their products and services.

In her research and consulting practice, Laura has found women and men tend to have very different working styles based on their gender pattern behaviors. And these differences can cause conflicts, shred productivity, and sacrifice opportunity.

What's a woman to do? Examine her working style, for starters.

During the Grrl Power seminar, Laura will discuss strengths and drawbacks of four female vs. male pattern traits:

  • Multitasking vs. focusing on one task at a time
  • Concentrating on the horizon vs. concentrating on immediate goals
  • Building by consensus vs. building by persuasion
  • Leading by team-building vs. leading by hero worship

Laura will explore how you can balance and integrate these seemingly contrary tendencies in professional settings. She'll also explain why you SHOULD NOT stifle your natural talents and try to adopt too many male pattern behaviors.

The seminar develops some of the documented research, strategies, and management solutions Laura and coauthor George Wilkerson present in their book, "12 Views from Women's Eyes: Managing the New Majority."

Gain some insight into gender pattern behaviors, learn how to deal with workplace realities, or simply enjoy some food for thought and the companionship of like-minded women at the Grrl Power seminar.

Reservations please: Laura plans to provide handouts, so we need a rough head count beforehand. Please e-mail your reservation to Mimi Mayer cochair of the HD Marketing Communication SIG, by noon on Mon., Feb 22. The room seats 40 people.

Thanks and see you Monday evening!

Mimi Mayer, HD MarCom SIG Cochair

Additional Notes:

Praise for "12 Views from Women's Eyes: Managing The New Majority!" by Laura Ricci & George Wilkerson

From Linda Hargrove, Vice President Workstations, Dell Computer Corp.
Finally there is a book which tells it like it is. My greatest praise and appreciation go to Laura Ricci and George Wilkerson for successfully tackling an important topic that has been in the closet far too long. Having managed for over 15 years in the high tech industry, I have never wanted to manage or be managed like a man; I've always been brave about developing my own female executive style. It is nice to see women's views and styles applauded as normal, healthy, and successful. I hope that Ricci's book will help open the eyes of us all that it's OK to be different, and that role reversals are not necessary for men and women to work together harmoniously. I will continue to recommend "12 Views from Women's Eyes" as a must-read for managers.

Dr. Autumn Grubb, Morehead State College
As I read the text, I found myself wandering around work, dealing with people, and being able to clearly identify the behaviors and scenarios the authors presented. The authors' analysis of gender makes visible the cultural underpinning of relationships that develop in the workplace. This book helps reveal how the relationships we observe, lived out in the workplace daily, develop because of culturally sanctioned gender roles. The text had a significant effect on my day to day management and understanding of people. EXCELLENT!


Meeting date/place changed for 1999
Regular meetings will be held on the 4th monday of the month at Twin Oaks Library.

Dear Her Domainers:

On Monday, January 25 at 7 pm at the Twin Oaks Library we will have our first meeting of 1999. It will be a business meeting and I am personally asking each of you -- who possibly can -- to attend.

Her Domain made some great strides in 1998. We formed a steering committee, made the choice to "go it on our own" and had some fine programs thanks in no small part to the ingenuity of the Her Domain Board of Directors and to Donna Kidwell in particular. We held a kick-ass event in conjunction with SXSW and got a bit of PR on KUT's program, Tech Ranch. Most recently, thanks to the energy and time and talent of Nancy Avitia, we now have a host of SIGs to meet the diverse needs of our group.

In addition, we worked diligently toward our goal of incorporating our group. That goal, while very close, is just a little further down the road.

We see 1999 as a wonderful year with lots of promise. We are pulling together a fascinating panel of speakers for the upcoming SXSW conference (thanks again in no small way to Donna K.), gearing up to have a social event in conjunction with SXSW, have plans for a special presentation on self defense, are looking forward to a visit from Julie Gomol of Excite! along with a few other cool presentations!

Having said all that, Her Domain needs just one thing to keep moving ahead and making the listserv a wonderful place for all of us. WE NEED YOU. Due to some attrition, a pregnancy and a couple of "retirements", the board is currently in need of a president. And, we could use a couple of stalwart board members, willing to put a bit of time and a lot of heart behind this great group.

Please strongly consider making a personal contribution to this group this year, if it's at all possible. We need volunteers for the board, for SXSW -- both event organization and booth "tending", and for assisting on lots of little behind-the-scenes stuff that needs doing throughout the year.

Even if you aren't sure you can contribute your time to these activities, please set aside a couple of hours on Monday, January 25 to attend the monthly meeting, show your support, and be there IN PERSON to hear the "year-end" report on 1998.

Details of the meeting are listed below.

When: Monday, January 25, 7:00 pm sharp*

Where: Twin Oaks Library, corner of S. Congress and Oltorf behind Rosie's Tamales

Bring: Yourself and your heart

* Please note that this month we WILL NOT have an orientation at 6:30 pm before the meeting.


Michele Bondy
Her Domain

1999 Meeting Schedule

The 1999 meeting dates and location have been set.

Jan 25
Feb 22
March SXSW Mixer & Panel
April 26
May 24
June 28
July 26
Aug 23
Sept 27
Oct 25
Nov 22
December meeting will be replaced by the 2nd Annual Holiday Party

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM (they close the room at 8:45PM)
Twin Oaks Library
442-4664 (Nancy)
2301 S. Congress Ave
in the Twin Oaks Shopping Center, corner of Oltorf and S. Congress, next to Eckerd's


Our general meetings are held on the third Monday of every month, usually beginning at 6:30 p.m. for new member orientation and networking and 7 p.m. for everyone else. The meeting location varies. Check here for location, agenda, and notice of any changes from the usual.

Interested in info about old meetings? see what we did in 1998.