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November 22, 1999, HerDomain Meeting

Meeting started at 7pm with announcements.

Hugh from SXSW announced that HD would be getting a group discount for SXSW again this year. Contact Pati Shampton for more details

EMAIL from Pati on topic SXSW:

I spoke with Hugh at SXSW and he will give us a group rate of 120.00 per person provided we have a group of 10 or more. If we have more than 10, the price *might* go down a little more. If you have never attended the SXSW Interactive Conference, check out www.sxsw.com. The 120.00 will go towards the purchase of a badge that will allow you entrance to Interactive events. So, if you are interested in getting in on the group rate, please email me directly. Now, having said that, please note that I need firm committments from all of those who email me. Backing out at the last minute will only hurt the other hers that wish to attend.

The deadline to email me is Jan. 15.

Right now, I just need to to keep track of those who want to sign up. On Jan. 15th, I'll notify SXSW of how many hers we have and figure out the registration process at that time. The group rate fee will be due around that time as well.

We are planning on producing a panel and party again this year so it would be great to have a lot of herdomainers in attendance!

Pati Shampton

Kimberley Smith asked for UT students interested in starting a UT chapter of HerDomain to contact her.

Now for the Meeting!

I introduced each presenter in the following order and most had handouts which will be listed after their bios as links

Sarah Longnecker
Pencom Systems, Inc.

Sarah Longnecker is an Account Manager and Recruiter for Pencom Systems. Pencom Systems Incorporated has specialized in technology recruiting since 1973. They offer both full time staffing, and contract services with offices located in all information technology corridors. They focus on the top technical talent in software design/development, implementation, testing, systems/network administration, financial applications, Internet technologies, object-oriented methodologies, new media and many other areas of high technology expertise. Staffing services include contingency, retained and executive search, contract consulting and on site technology recruiting assistance. Pencom's diverse clientele includes both Fortune 500 companies and hot start-ups. Pencom is headquartered in New York City, and has offices in Boston, Reston, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, San Jose, Los Angeles, and an International presence in Toronto.

Sarah's been with Pencom since June 1998, where she started off focusing her time on internet recruiting... she found that the research was a great learning experience but wasn't fulfilling enough and begged to get into the relationship side. Since then she's found recruiting to be a fun, rewarding career and loves the opportunity to help people out for a living.


  • Pencom Job Hunting Tips

    Shawn O'Dell  sodell@aquent.com
    Peggy Nascimento  peggy@aquent.com
    Kierstin Maurer  kmaurer@aquent.com
    Aquent Partners
    1-877-727-8637 (toll free)
    1-877-278-3685 (Fax)

    Aquent partners is a creative staffing agency geared towards web and print design and production professionals, especially those interested in freelance opportunities. A place where free agency is increasingly preferred over traditional work arrangements. A place where a new and very different kind of company - Aquent - is helping the working world work better. Aquent provides independent professionals (IPs) with everything they need to work the way they want - from a talent agency and a webzine to an exclusive IP search engine to financial services and training. To help clients succeed, we make matches in the physical world and make it easy for them to use the Web to find and directly hire the talent they need.


  • The Creative, Web, and Technical Talent Agency  http://www.aquent.com
  • View talent profiles and samples online:   http://www.aquentpartners.com/hire/profiles/index.cfm
  • Check out online job descriptions at:   http://www.aquentpartners.com/work/jobsearch/index.cfm

    Jennifer Stickels
    Staff Search Inc.

    Jennifer Stickels is a long-time techno-junkie who has just recently channeled her high tech affections into an IT recruiting position at Staff Search Inc. in Austin. At Staff Search she concentrates on placement of software professionals: engineers, QA, managers, and directors with an occasional UNIX admin for variety. A 1998 BBA graduate of St. Edward╠s University, she is a long time Austin girl who has seen first hand the technology boom in Austin and is excited about its continued potential.

    Internet Resume Tips

    Charles E. Henderson
    Senior Recruiter-Dell Support Technology Online
    (512) 723-4660

    Charles has been with Dell Computer Corporation since July 1999. Prior to Dell, he was Director for Corporate Recruitment for Beverly Enterprises, the nation's largest nursing home company. Prior to Beverly, he was a lead technical recruiter for FedEx. He has given recruitment seminars for the International Quality and Productivity Center, INROADS, Texas A&M, as well as community groups. Charles has been recruiting for nine years. He is the founder of GOWI! Get On With It!, a personal/career leadership development organization.


  • Interview Tips
  • Sample Resume

    Ms. Sean Keveryn
    Technical Recruiter
    EDP Contract Services
    (512) 346-1040
    Email: skeveryn@1tac.com

    EDP Contract Services is recognized as a premier provider of contract IT and IS staffing solutions -- applications and system development, network design and administration, systems analysis and technical and data center support. Achieve Peak Performance.

    EDP Contract Services has one of the highest contractor retention rates in our industry. Contractors stay with us for the flexibility and independence we can provide. At EDP your career choices are endless, and the path for professional development can take you in any number of directions. We have a nation-wide web site dedicated to posting contract positions. The site is http://www.edpcs.com. We work with a very wide range of positions including, but not limited to, Software Engineers, Programmer/Analysts, Project Managers, Electrical Engineers, Technical Writers, Database Administrators, Test Engineers, PC Technicians, Help Desk Support and many others.


  • If you would like periodic updates to our open positions please go to http://dbx-msw.com/edpcs/subaus.htm to subscribe or unsubscribe to our electronic job mailing list.
  • http://www.edpcs.com/austin

    We also had one person who signed up to present and then didnot show up...but she did send me some good tips so I am including those here.

    Kim Lam
    Technical Recruiter
    Team Management Consulting
    Phone: 512 336-5701
    Fax: 512 336-5708

    Handouts: Interview Tips