Her Domain's SXSW 2003
Interactive Festival Activities

Auction Winners

PIX of HD'ers at the booth & mixer bands this year! this year

HD Winners of the 2003 Texas Interactive Multimedia Awards

The Trade Show:

March 9-11, Sunday 12-6, Monday 12-6, Tuesday 12-4.

Her Domain will have a booth at the SXSW Interactive Trade Show again this year. Our booth number is M15. Don't hesitate to come by and introduce yourself!

Members may volunteer to staff the booth via our volunteer pages (publicized via the HD list during SXSW). Check it out for available dates and times.

Where to park!

The Annual Her Domain Mixer -

When: Monday, March 10th, 2002
Time: 6:00 PM -Midnight
Place: Club de Ville, 900 Red River
Phone: (512) 457-0900
Admission: Free

ood, Drink and Fun for all. Pizza compliments of Little Ceasar's!!

Festivities start right after the SXSW conference during Happy Hour, beginning at 6:00pm. (Free alcoholic drinks not provided.)

Entertainment this year:

Club de Ville is at the intersetion of 9th and Red River, so if you are at the Convention Center, head north to 9th street and look to your left.

SIlent Auction

A fundraiser Silent Auction will be held on March 10th both at the HD Trade Show Booth #M15, at the Austin Convention Center from 12- 6 PM, and later that evening at the HD Mixer at Club De Ville, 900 Red River from about 6PM -10 PM.

The Action will close at 10PM.

A book containing a description of each Auction item will be set up on a table at both locations, and be available to look through and accept bids from members, convention goers and Mixer participants.

The Auction Items include:

  1. The donated items/donator include:
    1. Avon basket - Madeleine Schowalter - Skin So Soft Best in Show Gift Basket, $72 value, Minimum bid $15
    2. fine arts print - Ryan Hennessee
    3. logo design - Amanda Cochran Logo design, a $500 value, Minimum bid $100
    4. two Nia Space cards - Donna Starnes - $112 value, Minimum bid $12 a piece
    5. gift certificate for landscape design - Paula C. Middleton, Red Bird Design,a $100 value, Minimum bid $20
    6. 4 hours professional organization services $60 value - Sarah Vela Sisters Organizing Services - $60 value, Minimum bid $12
    7. one-of-a-kind handmadekitty-kat hat - Kathy Bateman, 50 value, Minimum bid $10 http://www.platypusdreams.com/knit_wear/index.html
    8. 7-9 page website by Web team: Deb Brown, Geneva Sampson, Amanda Cochran, and Mandy Wagner - $2000 value, Minimum bid $400
    9. fine arts print - Marilynn Fenn - 6"x20" matted, "Prismism #3, Marilyn's Deer" - http://www.marilynfenn.com/images/prismism_03.jpg, a $65 value, Minimum bid $13
    10. organizing hours gift certificate - Tera Allison - (Buy 2 hours get 2 hours free) , a $120 value, Minimum bid $24 - http://www.theorganizercoach.com
    11. WebWorks Publisher Pro. Pre-Release 2003 for FrameMaker - Quadralay Corp. via Mandy Wagner - $1299 value, Minimum bid $200
    12. WebWorks Publisher Pro. Pre-Release 2003 for Word - Quadralay Corporation via Mandy Wagner -$1299 value, Minimum bid $200
    13. $50 gift cert. toward girls summer camp - Bianca Bickford (GirlStart Camp) - $50 value, Minimum bid $10
    14. 2 hours professional interior consulting services - Kathy Sampson - $200 value, Minimum bid $40
    15. 2 "Global Peace" t-shirts and one "The Lecture" donated by Debbie E. Finley - $45 value, Minimum bid $4 a piece http://www.defdesigns.com/Wholesale1.htm

The Auction will continue through the Mixer MONDAY NIGHT March 10th, with periodic announcements (between the bands) of the status of the auction items to prompt people to keep bidding if they are interested, and will close at 10PM (to give people a chance if they don't want to stay til 12PM.

After the highest biddesr are determined , the winner swill be announced at the Mixer, and a list posted to theHD member list.


HD Winners of the 2003 Texas Interactive Multimedia Awards:


Her Domainers Monica Roesch, Bianca Bickford and former HD'er Jayne Cravens were nominated for the Dewey Award: http://www.sxsw.com/interactive/dewey_award/2003nominees/index.php

Sandra McCrory and Marilyn Fenn, where among those who participated in the AIR Interactive Rally, http://www.knowbility.org/air-interactive/index.jsp

Her Domain members participating in SXSW Interactive Panels:

  • Silona Bonewald: What Developers need to know about .NET - Saturday March 8, 5-6 PM
  • Sharron Rush - Building Electronic Curbcuts- Tuesday Mar 11, 2-3PM
  • Tamara Ford: moderator - Women Who Kill Tigers Saturday March 11 - 3:30 to 4:30

Blast to the Past

Want to know about what we did last year? Find out here.

See photos of Her Domain members' at last year's SXSW 2002.