Photos from Her Domain's SXSW 2002 Trade Show Booth

Photos by Kathy Bateman, Teri Raiford & Deb Taylor

Minnie and Mandy and the candy basket.

Amanda Cochran was the Auction announcer, helped to run the auction and set everything up. T-Shirt donated by Debbie Finley can be see on the left.

Amanda with the Avon basket and fine art print donated by Madeline Showalter and Marilyn Fenn for the Auction

Her Domain President, Minnie Rangel and Silent Auction coordinator, Mandy Wagner prepare the booth for visitors.

Amanda and Mandy
Minnie talks with booth visitor Mary Word
Friends dropped by to chat Mixer Band "Fierce Marie"
Mixer Band "JABR": Members: Janet Hailey, Al Sato, Ben Thornton and Rebecca Pitts,

Abdul the Bear always likes to drop by the Her Domain booth because he always gets hugs from women there! Minnie, and volunteer booth staff Jan Schumacher and Barbara Shone are happy to oblige.

Photo by HD member Anne Pinion http://violetcrown.com